Looking at the development of the world around us gives us the opportunity to join current trends, stay ahead of the flow, or even innovate above and beyond the rapidly changing status quo. More than anything else, it offers perspective on the challenges small businesses are facing as the world around them evolves.

This is especially crucial in light of the rapid transformation of the business world, as it transitions from a product-driven model to a service-oriented approach, bringing new and innovative changes to the technology sector. As these changes take root, businesses need to proactively monitor these trends to realign their business and technological strategies to accommodate these changes.

This fact is probably best evidenced by the fact that the smartphone revolution hasn’t come to a close yet: there has been a quick and steady rise in the number of endpoints that are used to access information through various devices and methods. This Device Mesh, as it is known, includes smartphones, wearables, automotive, and consumer and home electronic devices. This new set of endpoints challenges small businesses to find effective solutions to provide a consistent user experience beyond the limitations of platforms and devices, thereby providing users with seamless access to the tools they are accustomed to, regardless of the location and the technology in use.

The following set of reports details research by Parallels, conducted among 1,000 small businesses and companies with the goal of understanding the opportunities and challenges that small businesses are facing in this technological world and their growing need for a more homogenous office environment to equip their employees with the familiarity that will help increase their productivity. The answers they gave illuminate a clear trajectory to the course that businesses are taking and provide a glimpse into the office environment of tomorrow, effectively spotlighting viable paths to success.

State of Mobile Device Management and Application Delivery

This report was conducted with the goal of understanding the trends and challenges that Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are facing now and in the not too distant future, specifically in terms of mobile device management and application delivery.

Usage of Macs in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Mac computers are without a doubt powerful resources for companies to have, fostering a sense of creativity and innovation in their users, whoever they may be. However, it is evident that these computers are overshadowed by their PC Windows counterparts in the workplace, where the business end of things tends to be fronted by these computers.

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